Monday, June 24, 2013

Breast Implant Revision

Many women across the country seek breast implant revision every year. No matter how carefully the surgery is planned, how many pre-operative consultations are held, or how thorough the post-operative instructions are followed, thousands of women seek improved satisfaction with the overall results of their augmentation surgery. Since there are so many physicians, types of procedures, and types of implants available, it is important for the patient to thoroughly research all options in order to make the best decision for their health and overall goals.

One of the most common reasons women seek a revision is due to deflation and loss of overall size or shape. This can be due to a number of different reasons, and dangerous causes of saline or silicone leakage should be ruled out before breast revision surgery is planned. Other women experience life events and body changes such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, or massive weight gain or loss that can affect the overall results of their initial augmentation surgery. In these cases, revising the initial results may be necessary to provide the desired outcome.

There are a number of conditions that merit breast implant revision. Women are encouraged to visit with a board-certified plastic surgeon of their choice if they have experienced deflation, signs suggesting a silicone leak, tightening of skin as it heals around the scar tissue, a change in overall alignment, or excessive skin stretch. The plastic surgeon will review all options available and help the patient make informed decisions that fit with their overall health, initial surgery, and realistic expectations.

In some cases, women that choose to have very large implants placed at the time of their initial surgery may later decide that less is actually more. Or a patient may decided she would like to increase the site of her implant. In these situations, the plastic surgeon can discuss revising the initial surgery with smaller or larger saline or silicone products and an overall lift that will improve the final appearance and shape. Many women find they are much happier with a different implant size after their breast implant revision and enjoy the benefits of their re-augmentation for many more years to come.

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