Saturday, September 20, 2008

Issues to Consider Before Teen Breast Augmentation

Though plastic surgery procedures performed on teens make up only a fraction of all plastic surgery procedures, teen plastic surgery, including teen breast augmentation, is on the rise, and its safety bears careful consideration.

Breast augmentation can be performed for either cosmetic or reconstructive reasons, and most plastic surgeons will not perform cosmetic breast augmentation on teens under the age of eighteen, even with parental consent. It should also be noted that the Food and Drug Administration considers cosmetic breast augmentation an off label use for women younger than eighteen.

Issues to Consider:

Body Maturity- It's often too early during the teenage years to determine if breast augmentation is needed. Breast size can continue to develop in women into their early twenties. Some women can increase an entire cup-size or more after the age of 18.

Psychological Issues- Teenagers often have heightened body image dissatisfaction based on cultural stereotypes rather than realistic concerns. This dissatisfaction often lessens or disappears as they mature.

Lifetime Financial Commitment- Breast augmentation very often requires subsequent surgeries within five to ten years. An eighteen-year-old who undergoes augmentation will quite possibly need another surgery in her 20s, her 30s and so on. Due to their cosmetic nature, these surgeries will not be covered under health insurance.

Cosmetic Considerations-Teens who decide to have their implants removed at a later time are often displeased with the stretched, saggy look of their breasts without further surgery.

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