Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Perfect Bra For Enhanced Breasts

So, you've had breast augmentation surgery and love your new breasts, but you may not have realized before that finding a bra to best accentuate them was going to be so difficult. Augmented breasts don't fit well in the conical cup-shape of a traditional bra. They also require different underwire shape, and a center connector to accommodate the wider cleavage of enhanced breasts.

Le Mystere, a trusted name in lingere, teamed up with plastic surgeon Dr. David B. Brothers to design a bra line to accommodate all these issues, Le Mystere No 9. The bra line offers several bra choices, including a strapless bra, a front closure t-shirt bra, a sheer triangle bra, and an all over lace bra. The bras can be purchased in boutiques, major department stores, and from an array of online dealers.