Thursday, March 11, 2010

Reclaim Your Body with Atlanta Breast Reconstruction

In a recent press release from The Swan Center for Plastic Surgery, Dr. Joseph G. Bauer, discusses the different Atlanta breast reconstruction procedure options.

In the release, Dr. Bauer discusses the profound effect asymmetry, congenital defects or other injuries to the breast can have on a woman and how important it is that she know her options for reconstruction.

Options for Atlanta breast reconstruction at the Swan Center are:
  • Spacers- This is a temporary insert that helps stretch the skin and keep the cavity open for later reconstructive methods.

  • Implants- Implants can be placed as a permanent solution to spacers. Saline and silicone are options for implants.

  • Flaps- DIEP flap and TRAM flap methods are advanced techniques relocating abdominal tissue.

When looking for a plastic surgeon, Atlanta residents like yourself should visit The Swan Center at or call (770) 667-0904 for a consultation with Dr. Bauer.