Friday, October 12, 2007

What To Ask Your Surgeon About Breast Augmentation

Deciding to have breast augmentation is a big decision both financially and emotionally, and you'll feel much more confident if you ask your surgeon the right questions and know what to expect. So here's a list of questions to get you started ...

1. What are the risks and complications of the surgery? It's important to know what the risks are so you can make the right decision for you.

2. Over the lifetime of your breast implants, how many surgeries will you need to have? The original surgery is just the beginning - implants don't last a lifetime.

3. What is the right size, shape, and texturing for you? Each woman's body is different.

4. What do you recommend for the placement and incision site? There are options.

5. Will my ability to breastfeed be affected? This is especially important if you haven't had children yet.

6. How will my implants look over time? How will pregnancy affect them? You will want to know if they will stay looking as perky as they are now, what type of movement you can expect.

7. How will my implants look after breastfeeding?

8. Are there alternative procedures available to breast implants?

9. Do you take before and after pictures I can look at to see what I can expect?

10. What if cancer occurs or recurs in my breast?

11. Will breast reconstruction interfere with cancer treatments?

12. What are my breast reconstruction options?

13. How much pain is there after the implant procedure?

14. How long is the hospital stay?

15. When can I resume normal activities?

If you get the answers to these questions from your surgeon, you will be more relaxed and comfortable about the procedure you are about to undertake. Why not print the list and take it with you?

How To Choose Your Breast Implant Size

Choosing your breast implant size is an aesthetic matter, and it's an extremely personal decision. However, that said, you should ask your surgeon for his/her advice. There are many things to consider when choosing your breast implant size.

Breast implants allow you to choose the breast size that you feel will enhance your overall body image and even boost your self-confidence. Many women don't want to admit that their breast size does affect their self-confidence. It's not the breast size itself but your overall image that boosts your self-confidence.

Most of us have an image of what the ideal breast size is. And for some of us that have spent our lives cursing that we can't even generate a little cleavage, the idea of breast implants is very appealing. Many women that have had breast implants find themselves back in the surgeon's office looking for another increase.

Besides the surgery costs, each surgery has increased risks. Your surgeon is a skilled professional who can help you choose the ideal size the first time.

There are different implant shapes. The anatomic implant, which was introduced to better replicate a natural contour to the breast, is especially popular with breast reconstruction.
The round and teardrop are used mainly with breast augmentation. Most of the surgeons prefer the smooth round breast implants when doing augmentations. Your surgeon will evaluate your situation and make the right recommendation for you, which means you don't need to worry about it.

Much of the choice in implants is surgeon-preference. You can trust that your surgeon will recommend the implant with which she or he can get the best aesthetic result. It just may be helpful to be aware these options exist.

When you meet with your surgeon for your consultation be sure you are clear about what it is you are looking for, and if you aren't sure, tell your surgeon just that.

Don't define your breast size based on bra size because there can be quite a variation. Plastic surgeons have implants that you can try to determine which size is right for you.

Lastly, be realistic and do not assume that bigger is better. Implants that are too large can not only make you look disproportioned, they can also be uncomfortable to pack around, putting pressure on your back and muscles. Consider everything before making your decision, that way you'll be happy with your choice.