Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What Do Gummy Bears Have To Do With Breasts!?

When you think "gummy bear," you probably imagine a little candy snack that squishes in your mouth. Well, there's a new kind of gummy bear, and it's designed for your breasts. Introducing, "gummy bear breast implants."

That's not the technical name, of course. They are called "cohesive gel" implants, and they are a variation on traditional silicone and saline implants. The reason they are called "gummy bears" is because they feel like the popular candy when you squeeze them.

These cohesive gel implants hold lots of promise. Breast implants are quite safe these days, but we all know that a rupture or leakage could cause major problems. Gummy bears are made tougher, so they are less likely to break. Even though they are stronger, they are just as flexible as silicone implants. This means that they give you a natural feel.

Not every plastic surgery clinic offers gummy bears yet. They are still new and in the experimental stages. But, these new implants could one day take the breast augmentation world by storm. Lots of women are now "going gummy" and getting cohesive gel implants as an alternative to silicone and saline.

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