Tuesday, June 30, 2009

How Digital Tools Can Help Envision Plastic Surgery Results

Envisioning the results of your plastic surgery beforehand is tricky to say the least. And though there is no way to know exactly how you will look after surgery, many pre-surgery decisions must be made which require some visualization. With the help of your surgeon, you must decide such issues as which breast implant size and profile to choose or just how you'd like your nose resculpted. For those considering a cosmetic procedure, websites like Loveyourlook.com and Reshapr.com can be a great help.

Reshapr.com and Loveyourlook.com allow users to upload appropriate photos of yourself and alter them in various ways, enlarging the breasts, changing the nose shape, or slimming the tummy. And though these digital tools can be helpful, plastic surgeon Dr. William Adams warns that "patients need to understand that what they see on the computer-generated model may not indeed be what they are able to attain realistically with the procedure." Numerous factors, such as your unique physical characteristics, impact the results you can realistically achieved through cosmetic surgery.

Because of this, the Plastic Surgery Chanel recommends these tools be used only as a visualization tools giving you a general idea of how various changes could impact your look.

Though seeing your specific before surgery is not possible, digital tools such as these can be used as valuable communication tools between yourself and your surgeon. They allow you to show which looks you like, and in turn, your surgeon can communicate whether or not that general look can be attained.

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Friday, June 12, 2009

Breast Augmentation Incision-- Breast Crease Most Popular Among Plastic Surgeons

According to a study published in the March/April Aesthetic Surgery Journal, plastic surgeons prefer the breast crease (Inframammary) incision over other incision options. The study showed 64% of plastic surgeons surveyed prefer this incision.

The inframammary incision is concealed beneath the breast along the crease and offers the surgeon the most access to the area during surgery. It also allows the implants to be placed over, partially under, or completely beneath the chest muscle for a greater variety of results. Another advantage is that revision surgery, for complications such as capsular contracture, can be performed using the same incision for less scarring. This option can problematic, however, in women with a small amount of breast tissue or in those without a natural crease. A skilled plastic surgeon, however, can offer beautiful results with this option.

Other incision choices include the areola (periareolar)incision, the armpit (transaxillary)incision, and the TUBA (transumbilical)incision concealed within the navel. Each of these options offer their own advantages and disadvantages and should be discussed thoroughly with your plastic surgeon before surgery.

The second most popular among surgeons, according to the survey, is the areola incision which follows the curve of the dark area of skin around the nipple. This option offers the advantage of a smaller scar than the breast crease option while allowing the surgeon good access to the area during the procedure.

Surgeons tend to have their preferred incision option or options, and it is important to know which they are most experienced at when planning your surgery.

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