Sunday, May 31, 2009

Determining Factors in Breast Surgery Patient Satisfaction

Recently, researchers have pinpointed six determining factors for patient satisfaction with cosmetic or reconstructive breast surgery. The study, which was published in BMC Women’s Health and authored by Dr. Andrea Pusic, interviewed 48 women who had undergone either breast augmentation, breast reduction or breast reconstruction. The study showed that satisfaction with the appearance of the breast after surgery was the number one determinant for satisfaction. Other important factors included satisfaction with the overall outcome of the surgery; their psychosocial wellbeing; their sexual wellbeing; their physical wellbeing; and their satisfaction with the process of care.

The goal of this study was to develop a more qualitative way to measure patient satisfaction in breast surgery. Dr. Pusic and her colleagues have developed BREAST-Q©,a patient-reporting system to measure the success of these types of breast surgeries using patient well-being and perception of their surgeries.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Saline Implants Still Top Silicone in Popularity

Several trends in breast augmentation were revealed in a recent study conducted by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Possibly the most surprising being the use of saline implants rather than silicone in 60% of all procedures. Since silicone implants have returned to the market after being cleared by the FDA, patients and plastic surgeons alike have touted their safety as well as their realistic look and feel. Yet at this point, most surgeons say they use silicone in 75% to 100% of their patients.

Other trends revealed include breast crease incisions as the most popular option, with surgeons using it 64% of the time. Smooth implants are preferred over textured by 92% of the study respondents. And round implants are used over teardrop in 96% of the all breast augmentations.

The most popular breast implant size is 300 to 400 cc, which generally results in a cups size ranging from a small to full c cup.

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