Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Summer of Breast Augmentation

Perhaps unsurprisingly, plastic surgeons across the world see an uptick in the number of women coming into their offices as summer approaches. As it is with the gym and with diet book sales, people realize that summer is just around the country and they begin thinking about how they will look in that bikini. This leads many women to think not only about doing a few extra crunches and skipping the pie after dinner, but indeed about breast augmentation to help fill out that top just a bit better.

This is more than simply anecdotal evidence, however. Researchers in Britain recently completed a survey of over 3,000 women, which helped to shed a great deal of light on many of the insecurities they experience as the summer bathing season arrives. Nearly 75 percent of the women expressed some degree of worry when it came to putting on their bathing suits for the first time and stepping out onto the beach. While this does not directly correlate with increased breast enhancement surgery, it is easy to see that the season causes quite a bit of self-discontent across the globe.

While women choose to get breast augmentation for a number of reasons, self esteem is typically high on that list. In summer, both men and women are put in situations where they can no longer hide their bodies underneath flattering clothes if they want to experience the fun of the beach and other outdoor activities. Breast enhancement and other cosmetic surgeries can help give women the confidence they need to shed those clothes without a lot of worry.

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